Hikvision Video Wall Solution

• Resolution 1920×1080
• Bezel Width 1.8mm
• Color: 10Bit (D), 1.06 Billion Colors


Professional Ultra HD Hikvision Video Wall Solutions

Supports 4K signal inputs and outputs: Up to 12 MP IP camera signal and 8 MP PC signal inputs

Simple and Scalable
Easy to deploy, maintain, and scale to meet your requirements and grow from small to large, from economic to high-end.

Ultra-Narrow Bezel LCD Display Design
World’s slimmest bezel-to-bezel video wall provides customer amazing viewing experience.

Multiple Signal Compatibility
High compatibility with IP signals, analog and analog HD, and PC signals.

Hikvision Video Wall Advanced Features

• Alarm Pop-up
• E-Map
• Open New Windows and Roaming
• Window Splicing
• Window Division
• Auto-Switch
• More details of alarm events
• Quick sharing of alarm video with video alarm pop-up windows on video wall for more expedited responses
• Display E-Maps on the video wall, with easy-to-find hot spots and physical locations
• Improved situational awareness with E-Map, alarm information,& alarm video displayed on an expensive video wall
• New Windows opening to display key video in the screen without turning off signals already on the video wall
• Easily display 4K or even higher resolution video on the video wall for more detailed mornitoring
• More camera channels can de displayed on the video wall using windows division
• Automate video switching on a single monitor for more efficient use of all screens

Hikvision Video Wall Product Showcase

Standalone Decoder

• Up to 12 MP decoding (20fps)
• 16ch 12 MP@20fps, 32ch 8 MP, 48ch 5 MP, 80ch 3 MP or 128ch 1080p per each DS- 6916UDI
• Splicing (up to 4×4), roaming and multi-layer
• UP to 8 MP HDMI output

TV Wall Controller

• Blade server style with input/output board and decoding board (optional).
• Decoding board up to 8 MP low fps
• 2ch 8 MP (low fps), 2ch 6 MP/ 5 MP, 8ch 1080p, 16ch 720p, 32ch D1 per decoding board
• Support splicing, roaming and multi-layer (≤6)
• Up to 8 MP video input resolution.
• Up to 1080p video output per screen
• UP to 16ch x 8 MP splicing


• Network keyboard
• 7” resistive touchscreen for configuration and operation
• HDMI, DVI output
• Audio input and output
• Supports Live view
• TV wall control, screen joint, cross-window roaming
• External video play
• Friendly and convenient UI
• Shortcut operations for camera and screen control

Network Keyboard

• 10.1” capacitive touch screen
• Detachable design of the touchscreen and joystick
• Wired and WiFi network connection
• 2-ch 1080P decoding and up to 16-division windows display
• PTZ control, setting and calling preset, patrol and pattern
• DVI / HDMI output to the monitor

55” LED Backlight

• 55” LED Backlight
• Resolution 1920×1080
• Bezel Width 1.8mm
• Contrast: 4000:1
• Brightness: ≥500cd/m2
• Color: 10Bit (D), 1.06 Billion Colors
• Input: VGA×1, DVI×1, BNC×1, YPbPr×1, HDMI×1
• Output: VGA×1, DVI×1, BNC×2

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