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Website Development

Web designers have struggled in two areas since the advent of the internet: website conversions and evolving consumers. Most designers struggle creating websites that convert visitors in an acceptable range without looking both mechanical and boring. This issue is often more challenging than one might expect because the solution often requires a scientific approach. Unfortunately most designers don’t like science, which means conversion strategies are often ignored on the websites they create. Their choice to ignore these elements can have dire consequences for their clients and can lead to disappointing performance and sometimes even business failure.

The second problem is really just an extension of the first as it deals directly with Website Development and conversion rates. Most web designers struggle keeping up with consumers. Consumer behavior is changing faster than ever in human history. They no longer likes sales pitches, limited selection, or being told when they can or can’t shop. Their entire lives have become “on-demand” and most are a lot busier than they used to be. This means that today’s websites need to address the objections of today’s consumer in addition to looking good. Because today’s consumer is often short on time, they prefer simple websites. They want ease of use. They want to be informed, but hate reading (How about that for making sense?). Today’s consumer doesn’t read, they browse. They like engaging elements that convey messages quickly and concisely.

These changes have caused us to rethink the way we build websites. Fortunately, we spend gobs of money and time learning the latest technology and understanding how the consumer is changing. This constant learning process has lead our firm to evolve into areas we never thought possible. This evolution has led to innovations, process changes, and the creation of proprietary software exclusive to our company.

Why WE Should Develop Your Website?

  • We’ll create a good foundation so your website can be found easily
  • We design it the way you like it
  • We’ll build your website so it’s easy for people to use
  • We create content that will engage your visitors
  • We’ll turn your website into your company’s best salesperson