Dahua Video Wall

High Brightness
High Contrast
Fast Response
Super-wide Viewing Angle
Super-Narrow Edge


Dahua Video Wall | Display Solution

Dahua Technology is a world-leading and advanced video surveillance solution provider. The company’s product portfolios include the advanced series of front-end, back-end, display, software as well as intelligent traffic solution. Dahua was the first company in China to launch 8-channel real-time embedded digital video recorder in 2001. Since then, the company keeps on investing and building strong R&D capabilities for new technology and innovation. With nearly investing 10% of sales revenue every year, Dahua has a more than 2000 professionals in R&D team, aiming
to provide the cutting edge products with high quality and performance. To create win-win situation and to maximize customers’ values are always our priorities.
Dahua has established sales, marketing and service network locally and globally. Asides offices in mainland China, the company also has offices or sales representatives in Asia, the Americas, Europe, Oceania, Africa and others, responding to the market with the best service and products. Meanwhile, Dahua provides the industry leading “three-year” warranty in China’s market. To-date, Dahua’s products are widely applied in many
fields, such as banking, public security, energy, telecommunication,intelligent-building and intelligent-transportation. Numerous major projects have been installed with Dahua’s solutions, for example, the Three Gorges Hydropower Plant, Six-Country Summit, Olympic Venues, Shanghai World Expo, Kremlin Palace, Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport and London Underground as well as many others. Dahua Technology owns 353 patents, including 16 invention patents. In China, Dahua Technology is a Safety City project recommended brand and one of China’s most influential security companies. At international front,the company has been awarding “Top 10 Security Brand in China” for 10years and has been ranking in “Security 50” by a&s magazine for 6 years. Moreover, Dahua enjoyed 6th largest market share according to 2012 IMS global report.

Dahua Video Wall Features

1. High Brightness
General TV, computer monitor and etc. have brightness of 250~300cd/m, while Dahua LCD splicing video wall
has brightness of 450~800cd/m. High brightness guarantees quality of display, and better reflects the actual
image quality of the source.

2. High Contrast
Dahua LCD splicing video wall’s contrast is 3500:1. High contrast may effectively display the layers of image, thus
user can catch every detail in image.

3. Fast Response
Real 8ms response time. It effectively reduces low motion blur and makes image more fluent, as designed for
high-speed motion display.

4. Super-wide Viewing Angle
Horizontal and vertical viewing angle reach 178° which means user can view from any angle and still enjoys the great visual effect. Excellent performance of display contributes to the fantastic display effect of splicing video wall and the effect remains consistent even user view from different viewing angles.

5. Super-Narrow Edge
Dahua LCD splicing video wall, currently adopts Samsung super-narrow LCD panel with dual seam of 5.7mm which
provides more professional monitoring effect.

Dahua provides a complete set of video wall display solution. Our multi-screen controller has advanced splicing function, strong decoding ability, abundant input ports (CVBS, VGA, DVI, SDI, HDMI, HDCVI and etc. ) which satisfy the need of SD/HD, digital/analog random display combination in surveillance system. Furthermore, multi-screen controller supports local, Web-end, network keyboard and other operation methods. It provides user with a user-friendly interface and swap design, thus making the system more strong, stable and easy to maintain. Multi-screen controller and our HD, high-brightness, high-contrast LCD splicing unit, compose a complete video wall system.

1. Traditional DVR, NVR, NVD with monitor solution.

2. Multi-Screen Controller Solution
• Analog, digital, and network signal input and output switch.
• Built-in decoding function.
• Full screen, splicing, roaming and etc.
• B/S structure, without software operation.

3. Video Matrix Platform Solution
• CVBS, HD-SDI, DVI, HDCVI, and network signal input and output switch.
• Local operation, Web client, network keyboard and etc.
• High performance decoding ability, standalone device support 1280ch@D1 or 320ch@1080P decoding.
• Local video signal support non-compression output to video wall.
• BNC, VGA, DVI, HDMI and other signal output.
• Full screen, splicing, roaming and other display functions.

Dahua Video Wall LED Display Unit & Monitors

46” Full-HD LCD Display Unit

With the guidance of system integration and automation control theory, Dahua ultra-narrow splicing video wall display system incorporates the most advanced industrial level high-definition LCD technology, multi-screen splicing technology, image processing technology, network technology, etc. together. This makes the entire system a high-brightness, high resolution, intelligent control and easy-to-operate video-wall display system. This video-wall system
can easily work with the video surveillance system, the dispatching system, and the network system to make an interactive information platform. The design of the entire system’s hardware and software fully takes the security, reliability, ease of maintenance and scaleability into account. In addition to widely used in monitoring dispatching, the excellent design and flexible installation can also meet the public display, advertising and other commercial needs.

• Industrial level DID LCD panel, suitable for 7×24 continuous works
• Ultra-narrow side LCD patchwork
• High contrast and high brightness greatly enhance the video layering, and present the details of the video
• High fidelity digital processing, brilliant and vivid video
• Abundant interfaces, support video loop
• Infrared, RS232 double mode, supporting remote PC control

LCD TechnologyS-PVA
Resolution1920×1080 (FHD)
Bezel width5.3mm
BacklightDirect LED
Brightness/Luminance (Standard)500 cd/
Pixel Density48dpi
Viewing AngleH178°, V178°
Response time8ms
Display Color8bit
Color Temperature10,000K
Video Signals
Video InputCVBS(BNC)×2
PC SignalVGA(D-Sub)×1
Digital SignalDVI-D×1 [1080P(1920×1080), downward compatible]
HDMI×1 [1080P(1920×1080), downward compatible]
Loop OutCVBS(BNC)×2
Consumption (Standard)133W
Consumption (Standby)≤1W
Power SupplyAC90~264V (+/-5%), 50/60 Hz
Installation Mode (all optional)Modular Stacking/ Cabinet installation (Back up)
Control SignalInfrared, RS232 double mode, supporting remote PC control
Dimension(no structure)1024.1×579.0×133.0mm
Work EnvironmentTemperature: 0~+50
Humidity: 10%~90%

Dahua Video Wall Multi-Screen Controller

Hardware Structure
• 6U 19’’ Standard industry box
• Card-Pluggable module design, easily configured according to demands
• Hot-swappable function cards, easy for maintenance
• Redundant power supply, high reliability Video Output
• 16ch@DVI/VGA HD signal, support split, splice, roam, etc. Matrix Switch
• Support analog & digital video input and matrix output
• Support matrix switching and output for SD & HD video
• Lossless switching with time delay less than 40ms
• Multiple control modes : network keyboard, web client & iPad Network & Control
• Support 10M/100M/1000M for video-wall control
• Support control for matrix, video-wall, dome camera with RS485 & RS232, support mainstream manufacturers’ protocol
• Support user authority management

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