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A corporate video is the ideal way to showcase and introduce your company and its activities. At One Productions, we have produced hundreds of corporate videos over the years and we can guide you through the process very easily.

Why Invest in Corporate Video Production?


With increased volumes of video sharing online across all social platforms, corporate videos can be easily shared which increases your companies reach. Some of the key reasons to hire a corporate video production company to do this for you includes the following:

• Video as a medium, including corporate video, makes much more of an impact than plain text.

• Corporate videos are not as expensive to create as they would have been in the past.

• Internet usage is on the increase and as a result, video has never been more important as a truly engaging content tool to attract and open a dialogue with the target audience it is aimed at.

• A corporate video on a company website is an excellent way to introduce the company products and services. It has far more of an immediate impact over plain text or even images.

A corporate video production company would usually begin by including an introduction to your organisation’s headquarters and retail or manufacturing facility, if relevant. Key spokespeople for your company would be interviewed along with your chosen customers who would provide testimonials detailing their positive experiences in working with you.

Often, your organisation’s production or delivery process is introduced in an overview and an emphasis is placed on the value that your organisation will create for your prospective clients. Corporate videos range from a minimum of a one day on-site shoot to two weeks or more, depending on the scale of your company or organisation. We can arrange to shoot your corporate video in Dublin or at an alternative location, depending on your specific requirements.

8 Main Segments


        01. Company Path (Timeline)
        02. Company Vision and Mission
        03. Company Structure
        04. Company Team
        05. Company Products
        06. Company Offers
        07. Company Worldwide Members
        08. Company Awards