The key for today’s IT leaders is to build a network infrastructure that will support the organization today and well into the future. While the structured cabling system represents a small portion of the overall network investment, it can represent nearly 80% of your network efficiency. It’s also the bedrock upon which any organization is built.
As a structured cabling provider, Black Box can help you plan and execute a structured cabling system that’s optimized to provide reliable communications, regardless of what applications the future brings. A structured cabling infrastructure that supports your wired and wireless networks will give you a flexible growth model and a way to implement the ever-evolving technologies for data transformation, smart buildings and IoT.

Structured Cabling

Whether you’re building a new location or want to upgrade your existing infrastructure, bring smart office technology with you. Black Box is the only partner you need.

No matter if your network consists of a two-room office or a multi-building campus, decisions you make now about your network design will impact your business’s or organization’s  for  years to come. Proper planning, design, installation, and maintenance of your structured cabling infrastructure  can have a positive impact on your company’s
day-to-day operations and can contribute to its success

6 Reasons CAT6A is in Your Future

CAT6A is the cable of choice for future-proofing infrastructures and here are six good reasons why.

TIA 568.2-D: 5 Things You Need to Know

There are five big changes in 568-2.D that make it different than its predecessors.

Global Multisite Deployments

We can give you uniform, standardized IT at one site, one-hundred, or one-thousand sites.

A smartly planned structured cabling infrastructure can enable transformation at the intelligent digital edge now and for years to come. We can design, deploy, and manage structured cabling systems for one site or a global deployment.


The Internet of Things is driving transformation. Integrate the physical world with the digital world resulting in improved efficiencies, greater innovation, and better user experiences.

Data Centers

Meet escalating data network storage needs and multimedia communication support with a trusted partner who has large-scale implementation capabilities and technical expertise.


Leaverage the experience of thousands of specialized technicians to minimize disruption, free up internal resources, and provide consistent and repeatable outcomes across your enterprise.


Support your mobile-first strategy by providing connections for the multiple wireless technologies that enable rapid and reliable wired access to information and resources.

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