IP Network Audio Terminal


T-7701 IP Network Audio Terminal

T-7701 could be installed in weak inter or sub-control room of public address management area. It could be connected to 2 sets of the external power amplifier to do broadcast or local broadcast on multiple occasions, such as hall, passage, outdoor area, etc.

T-7701 Features:

1) In standard 19’’ rack design; the black panel is in the material of alumina; sturdy handle; professional mechanical assembly process; the appearance looks really upscale; 
2) With industrial 3.4’’ LCD to display the working state;
3) Using the technique of embedded MCU and DSP sound processing; high-speed industrial level microcontroller; the boot time is less than 1s;
4) With internal 1 channel IP network audio decoder module, which supports the protocol of TCP/IP, UDP, IGMP (Grouping Protocol) to realize 16-bit stereo audio transmission on the IP network;
5) With 1 AUX and 1 Mic input; they have independent volume control and treble/bass control; support function of offline local paging;
6) With 1 EMC input, which has the highest priority;
7) With 2 audio AUX output to connect external power amplifier; in the type of standard RCA; the connection is really convenient;
8) 1 3-wire forced switching output, no need forced switching power; adaptive to 4-wire fire alarm forced switching output, which needs external forced switching power at DC 24V;
9) With internal intelligent power management system; when no music signal or paging signal, the power of output is cut off automatically; when the signal input, it turns on the power of output according to the program written in the software;
10) Built-in 3 level priority setting:
11) EMC signal has the highest priority;
12) Mic, AUX and IP network music signal have the second priority;
13) The priority of Mic is higher than AUX and IP network music signal;
14) Support the pre-reduce function for the mute; support the preset function for the background music; with the state, indicators to display the electrical level, protection, standby, etc; support the function of authorized operation management and the account is set and managed by the server uniformly;
15) Support DHCP; adaptive to multiple network structure, such as a router, switcher, bridge & gateway, modem, internet, 2G, 3G, 4G, grouping broadcasting, unicast, etc;
16) Using the design concept of the common network; it’s easy to be expanded without geographical location limit and it could be installed conveniently.

T-7701 Technical Parameters:

Model T-7701
Network Interface RJ45
Transmission Speed 100Mbps
Network Protocol TCP/IP, UDP, IGMP (Grouping Broadcasting)
Audio Format MP3/MP2
Audio Type 16-bit Stereo Audio in CD Level
Sampling Rate 8K to 48KHz
Bit Rate 8K to 512Kbps
The sensitivity of EMC Input 775mV (Unbalanced)
The sensitivity of AUX Input 350mV (Unbalanced)
The sensitivity of Mic Input 5mV (Unbalanced)
The range of AUX Output 1000mV Dual RCA Output
The impedance of AUX Output 470 ohm
Treble ±10.2dB
Bass ±10.2dB
Frequency Response 20Hz to 20KHz (-3dB, 0dB)
Power Consumption 10W
T.H.D. ≤1%
S/N Ratio ≥65dB
Working Temperature 5℃ to 40℃
Working Humidity 20% to 80% Non-Condensing
Input Power AC 110V/60Hz to AC 230V/50HzD
Dimension (mm 484x303x88
Weight 5.2Kg

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