ITC T-6216


ITC T-6216 16 Channel PA System Power Sequencer

It supplies public address equipment with power, and it works with the system controller to realize power management.

ITC T-6216 Features

* ITC T-6216 16 channel PA system power sequencer, work with the timer to automatically power on/off another unit.

* With standard chassis design and 2U aluminum alloy panel; personalized handle design, good appearance and practical.

* 16 power outputs, each outputs AC230V (10A).

* With electronic lock switch, 2 modes: manual and automatic.

* 16 power sockets connector disconnects in turn. The time between the two ways 1S.

* The full capacity of power socket gets 6KVA.

* 1 input interface with 24V fire signal, 1 signal output triggered by fire short circuit emergency.

* 1 short circuit triggered signal input. 1 expandable output triggered by a short circuit, It can connect a timer, intelligent machine to realize automatically control.

* Concise LED working status display indicators.

ITC T-6216 Specifications:

Model T-6216
Power Supply AC 110V/60Hz or AC 230V/50Hz
Power Consumption 50W
Dimension 484x303x88mm
Weight 5.78Kg

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