Avtech DGM2203SVWHT AI IP Camera
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Avtech AVH8536AX 36 Channel NVR | 8 SATA 14TB Each

8-Bay 36CH H.265 NVR
Type : 36 Channel
Compression : H.265
HDD Supported : 8 SATA * 14TB Each
Online : EagleEyes/ CMS
Video Output : HDMI x 2 / VGA x 1 / Composite x 1

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Avtech AVH8536AX NVR is a high-definition network video recorder (NVR) designed for professional security applications. It boasts the ability to support up to 36 IP cameras, making it ideal for large-scale surveillance systems in enterprises, government institutions, and educational facilities.

Avtech AVH8536AX NVR lies the powerful H.265 compression technology. This cutting-edge codec reduces video file sizes by up to 90% compared to traditional H.264, significantly lowering storage requirements and bandwidth consumption without compromising video quality. This translates to substantial cost savings in terms of storage hardware and network infrastructure.

AVH8536AX goes beyond mere video recording, offering a comprehensive suite of intelligent features to enhance security and operational efficiency. Its intelligent video detection (IVD) system leverages advanced algorithms to automatically identify and track suspicious activities, such as unauthorized entry, loitering, and object removal. This proactive approach minimizes false alarms and allows security personnel to focus on genuine threats.

Avtech AVH8536AX NVR boasts push video notifications, instantly alerting designated personnel via email or mobile app whenever a pre-defined event occurs. This real-time notification system ensures prompt response to critical situations, potentially preventing incidents before they escalate.

For enhanced situational awareness, the AVH8536AX features event pop-up/preview functionality. This allows operators to quickly view live or recorded footage associated with triggered events, providing valuable context for immediate decision-making.

The AVH8536AX’s robust design and feature set cater to diverse security needs. Its high-resolution recording capabilities ensure clear and detailed footage, crucial for forensic analysis and evidence gathering. Additionally, the NVR supports various recording modes, including continuous, scheduled, and motion-triggered, enabling users to tailor recording schedules to specific requirements.

To simplify system management, the AVH8536AX comes equipped with a user-friendly web interface. This intuitive interface allows operators to remotely configure settings, manage cameras, view live footage, and access recorded videos with ease. Moreover, the NVR supports ONVIF compatibility, seamlessly integrating with third-party cameras and management platforms for centralized control.

AVH8536AX NVR stands as a powerful and versatile solution for professional security applications. Its advanced features, coupled with its user-friendly design and ONVIF compatibility, make it a compelling choice for organizations seeking a reliable and efficient video surveillance system.


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Avtech AVH8536AX 36 Channel NVR Specifications

Video Input One LAN port (up to 36 IP cameras)
Video Output
YES (1080P / Spot Monitor Supported)
YES (4K2K display)
YES (Spot Monitor Supported)
Video Output Resolution 3840 x 2160
Audio 1 in (mic in) / 1 out
Alarm I/O Alarm out only
HDD Storage** Eight 14TB hard disks
eSATA Port Expandable with a SATA to eSATA cable
Ethernet POE port
Internet (WAN) port
10/100 Mbps with PoE x 8 (IEEE802.3af)
1000 Mbps
Video Compression Format H.265
Audio Compression Format G711
Local / Remote Display Mode 36CH
Local / Remote Playback Mode 36CH
Local Single Channel Playback YES
Recording Mode Up to 540 IPS @ 8MP, 300Mbps
Up to 1080 IPS @ 5MP, 300Mbps
Record Streaming Dual
Recording Throughput 270 IPS @ 3264 x 2448, up to 120Mbps
Pre-alarm Recording YES
Quick Search Time / Event
Event Notification Push Status / Video Mail / Message Mail
Security Multiple user access levels with password
Multicast YES
Seamless Recording*** YES
EaZy Networking YES
Spot Monitor Setup YES (VGA & Composite)
Alarm Scenario Setup YES
Alarm Pop-up & Preview YES
Free DDNS Service YES
ONVIF Compatible YES
Max. Online User 10
Remote Access (1) Web browser: Windows Edge, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome & Safari (2) PC program: CMS Lite, 32CH CMS software for Windows OS (3) Mobile app: EagleEyes on iOS & Android mobile devices
Power Source (±10%) DC48V / 2.5A
Operating Temperature 10C ~ 40C (50F~104F)
Operating Humidity/th>10% ~ 85%
Dimensions (mm)**** 260 x 235.7 x 48
Net Weight (kg) 1.5
Minimum PC Browsing Requirements Intel Core i3 or higher, or equivalent AMD 2GB RAM AGP graphics card, Direct Draw, 32MB RAM Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 & Windows Vista, DirectX 9.0 or later Windows Edge, Internet Explorer 7.x or later
Optional Peripherals HDMI Matrix (HDM02) / USB Joystick (AVX102) / SATA to eSATA cable (PWSC07F120200)
Certification CE / UL


Avtech DGM2203SVWHT AI IP Camera