Hikvision Human Temperature Detecting Thermal Camera

HikvisionHuman Temperature Detecting Thermal Camera Bangladesh
Human Temperature Detecting Thermal Devices”. By implementing those devises are very much effective to fight with corona-virus in this present situation.
With the advanced detection and algorithms, HIKVISION Human Temperature Detecting Thermal Devices are designed to detect elevated skin-surface temperatures, and can thus be used for rapid and preliminary fever screening in hospital, office buildings, stations, airports and other public places etc with accuracy up to ±0.3°C. Which is help us to fight against this pandemic. As we know “FEVER” is the most common symptoms for COVID-19. And our Temperature Detecting Thermographic camera can detect it very easily and accurately.

Some Key Features are::
1. One second to detect skin-surface temperature of a person
2. Multi-person detection simultaneously
3. Non-contact measurement to avoid physical contact
4. Immediately alarming to notify operators
5. AI detection to reduce false alarms from other heat sources etc.
Hikvision Temperature Screening Solution, with multiple product types and wide range of applications, is designed for the detection of skin-surface temperatures so as to achieve rapid and safe preliminary screening in
public areas with high efficiency in a multitude of scenarios.
  • Thermographic Cameras
  • MinMoe Terminals
  • DeepinMind NVRs
  • Metal Detector Door

Advantages of Thermal Technology

AI technology ensures thermographic cameras only detect human skin-surface temperature to reduce false alarms of other heat sources. Compensation algorithm ensures the temperature is compensated with ambient temperature and the distance of the measured target for better accuracy.
Thermal technology has been applied widely in temperature screening scenarios as it offers more flexibility and efficiency in preliminary screening of elevated skin-surface temperatures.

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