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Struggling with customer loyalty and retention? Stupid question, right? Everyone could use more return traffic to their website and there’s no better solution than targeted email marketing. We’re not talking about SPAM (definitely not). We’re talking about providing the type of value to your customers that they’re willing to opt-in for and be excited to receive.


It doesn’t have to be called a “newsletter” but having something “newsletter-like” can be a great tool to help remind your clients or potential clients that you have something that they want, or may want soon. In order to not be added to the spam list, these reminders have to be delivered in disguise. And guess what? The disguise is that you’re providing something of great interest that’s perceived as valuable to your clients each time they receive it. But secretly, you’re sneaky little underhanded plot is to eventually have them buy something from you, you little devil you. The great thing about newsletters is that you get to mix in a little bit of your secret agenda with the interesting content you’re delivering, and all the while the recipient knows your plan and doesn’t mind. Quite fascinating, isn’t it?

Promotional Emails

Have you ever accidentally subscribed to a company’s promotional emails while buying a product on their website and later you were glad you did? For some people the answer is a very loud “no,” but for most the answer is “yes.” In additional, those that said no are generally not any less likely to buy from the website the email came from. So to analyze the receiver’s behavior: some like the emails, some don’t. Those that don’t are no less likely to buy again. Those that do are more likely to buy again. There are a lot of elements that make up a good promotional email that you need to know about, but the purpose of this paragraph is to convince you that email marketing might be a good way to market your products and services. Has it worked?

Email Tracking and Optimization

Just like everything else on the web, emails can be easily tracked to determine their effectiveness and optimized to perform better based on analytical suggestions. We can track how many of the emails were opened, how many times they were viewed, how long they were viewed for, which links in the email were clicked and which users bought a product or service from your website after clicking on a link. We can also A/B test email templates and campaigns by sending emails out to sample populations and observing which elements performed best. Using these testing tools in this way provides us with the data we need to make your email marketing more and more effective.

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