Fire fighting system in Bangladesh

Fire fighting system in Bangladesh

Fire protection systems is essential to effective management of a fire scene. Fire Protection Systems focuses on the operational characteristics and abilities of different types of systems and equipment that are used during fire department operations to access a water source, apply a suppression agent to control a particular type of fire, provide information concerning the location of a fire, and more. Systematic, easy-to-understand coverage thoroughly explores various types of active fire protection systems and components, how they operate, and the requirements for installation



Portable fire extinguisher installed at business centers, office, factories, apartment/condominiums, hotels, shopping malls and any premises/commercial, vehicles (bus & taxi) meant for commercial purposed required a valid  Certificate or (H/13 Resit). The validity of  Certificate (H/13 Resit) is based on yearly basis and required to renew as according to law. The purpose of renewal by  is to ensure the Fire Extinguisher is on functioning basis and avoid clients to be cheated by irresponsible contractor.


Portable fire extinguisher is advisable to send for service annually to ensure the fire extinguisher in good condition and the contain type is ready to be use during emergency. Hence, to check any leakage on cylinder and meter gauge is working according to recommended pressure. The inner parts will be tested to ensure in working condition.

Refilling is only applicable when the fire extinguisher already has been used. We will help you to refill the gas and contains type (Powder, Co2, Water, and Foam) depending on the cylinder origin. After completed, the cylinder will be tested to check any leakage and enough pressure.


Our professionals will conduct the checking and compile the reports on every firefighting system from your premises. Usually our professionals will take at least half day in fully checking your premises and depending on the business nature. We give clients a peace of mind and assure clients get updated on the firefighting system status. Charges will be referring on the type and amount of firefighting system.